14 hours ago

SAFER PLACES AND EVACUATION ZONES: We have had multiple questions in regards to where residents should go if there is a bushfire in our area.

A Bush fire Safer Place, is a place of relative safety where people can go during a bushfire or extreme weather days. These area/locations are decided by the SA Country Fire Service. To see the designated areas for each township within the Copper Coast, please go to www.coppercoast.sa.gov.au/services/fire-prevention/are-you-bushfire-ready

Lastly, the Bushfire Last Resort Refuge within the Copper Coast region is the Paskeville Football Oval.

We hope everyone stays safe during catastrophic conditions tomorrow, and are prepared in case of unforeseen circumstances.
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Felecia Jolly

Sam Hall

15 hours ago

INFORMAL GATHERING: Copper Coast Council will be having an Informal Gathering on Wednesday, 27th November, 2019, at the Kadina Town Hall Function Room, commencing at 6pm.

Items for discussion are:
• Heart Foundation Walking Program – presentation by Walking Program Officer Amelia Kettle
• Yorke Peninsula Tourism – presentation by YP Tourism
Manager Deb Clarke
• Drought Communities Programme Extension – outline of criteria, status and time frames – Russell Peate
• Building Better Regions Fund – Community Investment and
Infrastructure Stream – Round 4 – Drought Support – Russell Peate
• Review of Finger Sign Policy – Müller Mentz

Public are welcome to attend.
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2 days ago

CURRENT EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: The Copper Coast Council currently has 2 employment opportunities still open, both closing 4pm on the 25th of November.

The 2 positions are:
⭐️Casual Customer Service Officer - Community Services
⭐️Trainee-ship - Certificate 3 in Local Government

The online application kits are available at www.coppercoast.sa.gov.au/council/employment, if you require any more information or wish to apply, please contact us on 88281200 or by email at info@coppercoast.sa.gov.au

Please ensure you can meet and address the Key Selection Criteria in your application.
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Kiara Beens

Nicola Starick

Anne Shepley


Amy Louise Ashley Rose

Ryan Coleman for Rhani?

Lena Appleton

Online Application Kits are now available at www.coppercoast.sa.gov.au/council/employment :)

Lena Appleton

Kiara Van Rooy

2 days ago

TOTAL FIRE BAN FOR 19/11/2019: The SA Country Fire Service have announced a TOTAL FIRE BAN for tomorrow ahead of Wednesday's catastrophic conditions. We urge all to ensure they are bush fire ready, and stay hope all stay safe.

For more, please see the media released available here: www.cfs.sa.gov.au/site/home/criimson/total_fire_bans_ahead_of_conditions_issued_18_nov_1246000322...
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5 days ago

BAY ROAD CONCEPT PLANS ADOPTED: Of the 3 original concept plans for Bay Road and the Frances Terrace intersection, Council has adopted Bay Road Concept option 3, and Bay Road/Frances Terrace Intersection Concept option A.

If you haven't seen the designs in detail and wish to, you can view them at either the Moonta Tourist Office, or the Kadina Council Office. Alternatively, to view the plans in High Resolution, please go to www.coppercoast.sa.gov.au/services/major-projects/bayrd as the pictures are far too big for viewing in detail on Facebook.

The concepts will now progress to the detail stage of the process, where residents will again have the opportunity to comment further on the concepts. There will be more information to come on the date for this consultation session when it is confirmed.

For now, if you have any questions, please contact Dennis Kariuki on 88281200.
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Kerry Frost

Please explain. Images not clear.

Shaun Mullins

Just resurface the road and plant gum trees all the way from one end to the other, turning this place into a show pony, fancy bits n bobs we don't need, wow think you might save MONEY and then actually bitumise the dirt roads around her. Hey, thats a thought.

We spoke with Dennis on Thursday and found him very helpful and informed on the project.

How about you bitumise the dirt roads around Moonta Bay and putting proper curbing and footpaths...

Creating an excellent road for the future will create a wonderful future for the town.

So not putting power underground when you’ve got a great opportunity to do so. Most of the houses have already got underground power. I know you’re all going to say about the cost but I’ve lived on bay road for almost 40 years now and in that time it hasn’t even been resurfaced so it’s time some real money was spent on it and do it properly so it’s good for another 40 years

Stuart Dimasi Dylan Simms

Mark Durdin

Couldn't agree more

Speed limit back to 60.

6 days ago

FOOD SAFETY WEEK - EGG HANDLING: This week (9-16 November) is Australian Food Safety Week and the theme is 'Excellent eggs - handle them safely'.

Eggs are a simple, cost effective and nutritious part of our diet. Handle them safely by following these tips from the Food Safety Information Council:

🥚 Don't buy or use eggs that are cracked or visibly dirty.
🥚 Wash your hands after handling uncooked eggs.
🥚 Store your eggs in the fridge away from ready to eat foods.
🥚 Your eggs will keep best if stored in the carton they came in.
🥚 The elderly, pregnant women, small children and people with poor or compromised immune systems are at serious risk if exposed to food borne illnesses and should not be served uncooked or undercooked egg dishes unless those eggs have been pasteurised.
🥚 If you are going to eat raw egg dishes, prepare just before you are going to eat them and if you need to store the dish, refrigerate it immediately at 5 degrees Celsius or below. Or consider using pasteurised eggs.

More info on handling eggs safely go to 👉 linktr.ee/sahealth_ or to test your food handling knowledge, go to imalert.com.au/v6/?sub=coppercoast #afsw19
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In the stores, make certain that you can wiggle each egg in its socket of the egg carton, to make certain it isn't cracked and has stuck to the bottom.

7 days ago

KADINA CEMETERY WALL UPDATE: Works on the Kadina Cemetery Wall are continuing to take shape, with the outside East Wall nearing completion, and the inside of the Eastern side next on the list!

See below for some progress shots, and a map of the works. The guys are doing a fantastic job :)
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It’s looking fantastic. Well done C C Council

Great work

Great work congratulations CC Council

Well done.


Looks great.

Looks a hell of a lot better than a colourbond fence.

Can I hire you guys to fix my mum's fence

Great work being done

Looking mint guys

Labour of love. Looks great.

Well done for all the work..YOU'VE done..👏👏👏

1 week ago

MAKE YOUR PLAN: With recent fires close to home on the YP, Port Lincoln, and continuing across the East Coast, we urge all residents to take extreme care, and take pre-emptive action to ensure that your property is maintained for the Fire Danger Season.

A message from the SA Country Fire Service: As summer progresses and the landscape continues to dry out, growth from winter and spring rains creates an abundance of fuel for bushfires. If you live in, travel through or visit bushfire risk areas it is critical that you recognise the need to have a plan and be prepared. We know the risk is real, we know the consequences can be both devastating and terrifying, so why risk it? Make your 5 Minute Plan today.
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Looks like the Pinery Fires ( in the clip ) to me ( was caught in them 2015 ) ... and yes could happen here as well !!!!

1 week ago

FINAL DRAFT - MOONTA URBAN DESIGN FRAMEWORK: WAX Designs have finalised the Draft Framework of the Moonta Masterplan for final comment. The Draft Framework can be found below:

If you wish to view the document, go to www.coppercoast.sa.gov.au/moontaredvelopment or hard copies are available at Century 21 Yorke Peninsula, Taste the Yorke, the Moonta Tourist Office and at the Kadina Council Office.

If you wish to make any comments, please write to Council by email at info@coppercoast.sa.gov.au OR mail at Copper Coast Council, PO BOX 396 Kadina, SA, 5554 by 5:00pm, the 9th of December 2019
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Cazza Dart

Outdoor dining areas sound great 👍

How about the coucil bitumise and curb all the dirt roads around Moonta Bay first, along with adequate footpaths too....

I love the roundabout idea for the Moonta Bay / Port Hughes corner

Patrick Keane

1 week ago

OWNER HAS BEEN CONTACTED: Thank you all for your help, the owner has been contacted. We really appreciate your help! ... See moreSee less

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Cute dog

Very smart looking g. Hope your family is found soon.

Codie Hfl Arbon :((

Tayilor Ewers

Looks like Bronson as a 5mth old

OWNER HAS BEEN CONTACTED: Thank you to everyone, the owner has been contacted. We really appreciate your help! :)

2 weeks ago

4 WEEKS UNTIL THE FIRST CRUISE ARRIVAL🛥🚢: Wow, December is just around the corner, and that means the arrival of the FIRST EVER cruise ships to Wallaroo!

Is your Business or Community Group organising anything to help welcome our cruise ship visitors? If so, please let the Copper Coast Visitor Information Centre know so we can help promote it!

Get in contact with them ASAP on 88212333 to let them know!

Also note: those who are participating in the Cruise Ship Volunteer Program, you will be contacted again in the very near future! Help us spread the word by sharing this post :)

Have a great weekend! 🙌🛥

Yorke Peninsula Wallaroo, South Australia What's On In Wallaroo Visit Moonta SA Kadina Hub South Australia South Australian Tourism Commission Flinders Port Holdings #visitcoppercoast #yorkepeninsula #cruiseshipssa
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Please also remember that many passengers are following along here too. This is a good way to let us know what's on offer - what the town has organised for the day. Will there be a bus over to the North Beach Cafe for example? See you soon !! 😛

Phillip Dannenberg Coralie Dannenberg

Moonta Shopping visit Moonta! Sidewalk sales and all shops allowed to trade on footpath! WAtch out for our shopping vouchers available from volunteers once you hop off the free shuttle from Wallaroo to moonta! More to come on our @moontashopping page! Keep following!!

Bethany Harrison

2 weeks ago

REMINDER: 2 FREE 6x4 TRAILER LOADS OF GREEN WASTE REINTRODUCED✅🌳💚: As part of the new waste changes adopted by Council in June, Copper Coast Residents will again be entitled to take 2 FREE 6x4 trailer loads of green waste per financial year to the Resource Recovery Centre at Wallaroo!

In previous years, vouchers were included on the rates notice or in the Copper Post. However, THIS YEAR, we have simplified the process to make it as easy as possible for property owners. You can now either;

(A) Bring in your rates notice, or
(B) Your driver’s license with properties address, and we will keep track of the vouchers on our system.

Below are a few points to help clarify how the free loads of green waste will work for residents:
• If you have organised someone to do the works, there needs to be something in writing (i.e. a gardener delivering on behalf of residents)
• Cannot be a copy of rates notice, must be the ORIGINAL
• Renters need to have permission from the owner, however, driver’s license with property address will be sufficient
• 2 6x4 trailer loads of green waste per financial year (the 2 loads apply per property, so, if a person owns say 2 properties, he/she will get two free loads for each of the properties)

Resource Recovery Centre opening times:
• Monday - Friday 10.30am – 3.00pm
• Weekends 10am – 2.00pm ❗️As of June 2019❗️
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Ash Hentschke

Fatima De Sousa Ferreira

Shane Shoumack?

Vieira Emilio

Americo Correia


Andrew Mclachlan

Nick Panozzo


David Geldart

Kev Martini


Thank you to Copper Coast Council

Luke Gamma

When in the 21st century are we going to get a hard rubbish like like 90% of South Australia

Brenton Talbot

Beverly West

Andrew Close

Maureen mum tell dad x

Don Bennett

Victor Heysen

Christopher Blott

Sylvia Harvey

Jasmine White

This is a great idea but I also think you should allow 1-2 free normal dump trips too. It will majorly reduce the amount of illegal dumping we have it costs a fortune for just one trailer load these days and a lot of people can’t afford that. 🤷🏽‍♀️

2 weeks ago

HEADS UP COPPER COAST RESIDENTS: News from Aviation Spotters Online: A heads up for residents of South Australia as up to three Royal Australian Air Force, McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A/B Hornets will conduct a formation flight.

Three current Hornet pilots originally from Adelaide, Port Pirie and the Fleurieu Peninsula, are currently at RAAF Base Edinburgh in preparation for this weekends airshow, and will conduct a formation flight over parts of South Australia.

When - Thursday November 7 2019

Times -

11:00am - Port Pirie

11:05am - Port Broughton

⭐️⭐️11:10am - Wallaroo⭐️⭐️

⭐️⭐️11:12am - Moonta⭐️⭐️

11:30am - Mannum

11:32am - Murray Bridge

11:38am - Goolwa

11:40am - Victor Harbor Bluff

11:45am - Sellicks Beach

11:51am - Port Adelaide

11:53am - Adelaide CBD

Note - timings are approximate and flying is subject due to weather, air traffic control and operational requirements.
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Alanna Smith 22 mins from Wallaroo to Murray Bridge and 6 mins from Murray Bridge to Goolwa!

Hanna Pridham

Daniel Shiell

Craig Mills!

Amy Serbert

Bailey Turner

Suzanne Olsen

Joyleen Martin

Carey Miller

Mark Schilling

Heidi Sletten-Daley it was so loud we thought we were getting bombed

Jim Robertson

On our way to Adelaide and just seen some amazing stunts being performed ✈✈✈✈

Just seen them over the sea in wallaroo beautiful

Kathleen Allan

Just heard them go over, made my cat jump out of her skin Lol!!

Had to be quick to see them! Very low over the bay at Wallaroo

Shannon Cracky

Christopher Veitch

Must have just happened over Moonta Bay in the last 15 minutes. Sounded like they were flying fairly low. Our dogs were a bit worried.

They were low over Moonta also. They went over my head

Very nice video Brendan Bowden! ✈️

fantastic to see then flying over

No time 4 sight seeing ova Moonta then 20 mins lata over Murray Bridge?? Wonder if they can pick me up 2 mora on way back and save me driving?? 👍👍😁😁😁

2 weeks ago

BAY ROAD CONSULTATION: A big thank you to all who came to our public information sessions held on Wednesday the 23rd October and Thursday 24th October. Your feedback is much appreciated, and will help shape the Bay Road project as it comes to fruition.

If you did not attend, no problem! Bay Road concept plans are located at the Moonta Tourist Centre if you are interested in viewing them 📜🗞

A full report on the feedback and consultation is included in the November council agenda, which is available here: www.coppercoast.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=2179

Thank you again for your input, we appreciate the Communities support on what is a major focal project for our Copper Coast area :) 🙌 More to come as this project progresses!
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Lou Boughen you might get a job 😊

I like the roundabout idea That corner could do with a roundabout to make it safer and easier to get through

Roger Hewish

Which page is the feedback, that report had 101 pages!!!!

Hi Vicki Kendall, the Communities feedback can be found at Appendix 15, page 123-125 (of Appendices 1 - 17inc) and the report on page 63-67 of the Agenda :)

Money can be better spent than on roundabouts & islands that will destroy the appeal of our or any country town. It will not help with inattentive drives . This is a tourist town & the more it is modernised the less appeal it will have .

2 weeks ago

BIRDLIFE AUSTRALIA WORKSHOP AT MOONTA🐦🐤: BirdLife Australia has been working to improve the conservation outlook for Hooded Plovers for over 15 years but it takes a community to save these birds!

Head along to a FREE volunteer information session, where you’ll learn more about the roles you can play in helping the Hooded Plover and receive training on how to safely monitor this threatened species. Learn from a Beach nesting Bird expert, and meet other volunteers from the Friends of the Hooded Plover Yorke Peninsula

WHERE: Moonta Senior Citizen's Club (Verran Terrace, Moonta)
WHEN: This Saturday the 9th of November
TIME: 12:30pm (1pm start) - 4pm

RSVP for this workshop by emailing bnb.events@birdlife.org.au or calling 0433 964 484

Please bring along wet weather gear, sun protection (be prepared for any weather!) and binoculars for the beach walk, if you have them. Please advise of any special dietary requirements at time of RSVP
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Belinda Turner

Bethany Harrison

2 weeks ago

AUSTRALIA DAY AWARDS REMINDER: Council is now receiving nominations for the 2020 Australia Day Awards for the following categories:
⭐️Citizen of the Year
⭐️Young Achiever of the Year
⭐️Community Club of the Year
⭐️Community Event of the Year

Information and Nomination Forms are available from the Copper Coast Council, 51 Taylor Street, Kadina or download from

Online nominations can also be done direct on the Australia Day Council website via www.citizenoftheyear.com.au

Nominations close 5.00pm on 22nd November 2019
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2 weeks ago

FREE KERBSIDE GIVEAWAY WEEKEND🛍🛋: Once again, Council will be having our annual 'Free Roadside Giveaway Weekend' on the last weekend of November - Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 1st of December.

This is an opportunity for residents to place any unwanted items on the road reserve for free collection by other residents!

Please be aware that the clean-up and removal of any items that fail to be given away is the responsibility of the Owner, not Council.

How it works:
✅ Place re-usable household items at the kerb in front of your home on Saturday the 30th of November
✅ Only place items for FREE with free stickers or signs with them
✅ Remove items from the kerb by dusk on Sunday
✅ Consider donating unclaimed items to charitable organisations
✅ Place any garbage for collection on your regular garbage day and week (regular bin limits apply)

For further information, please call the Council Office on 📞 88281200 :)
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Nick Tattoli

Chełseä Bätês

Adam Marshall

Jessica Loves-russell

Russell Moad

Congratulations this is a true recycling action

Brendan Groome Kally Groome

Sarah Hibbard

Tina Alchin

Cade Angus

Yolanda Stevenson

Tony ..can't hurt to have a look

Jasmine Maxwell

Sean Fletcher

Norah Billing

Does this apply to all towns on Yorke Peninsula?

Darren Reimann

Joe van Gastel

Hardly anyone comes up my street 😠

Fatima De Sousa Ferreira

Stacy Cooper

Maureen - mum make sure dad isn't in Moonta on these dates 😁😂😁😂

Won’t it get messy

Martin Cattuzzo put the Ute tray out there

Todd King

3 weeks ago

COMMUNITY SERVICES CASUAL STAFF MEMBER: The Copper Coast Council is seeking casual staff with excellent customer services skills who are available to work weekends and out of business hours within our Community Services Team.

If this sounds like something you, or someone you know may be interested in, please find the application kit that is available from Council's Office at 51 Taylor Street Kadina, or from Council's website at www.coppercoast.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=2359&t=uList&ulistId=0&c=50241

Further information is available by phone 8828 1200, or by email to info@coppercoast.sa.gov.au

Please ensure you can meet and address the Key Selection Criteria in your application.

Closing Date 4.00 pm Monday 25 November 2019
... See moreSee less

3 weeks ago

NOVEMBER COUNCIL MEETING: The Monthly Council Meeting will be held next Wednesday the 6th of November @ 7:00pm, in the Kadina Town Hall Council Chambers.

The Agenda can be found at: www.coppercoast.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=2179

Members of the public are welcome to attend :)
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