5 hours ago

Non-profit and community groups with beneficial community ideas for an innovative project or activity may be eligible for a grant.
No matter how big or small, various ideas each year are awarded grants, with 35 successful 2019/20 applications, including:
• Trombone for Kadina Wallaroo Moonta Band
• Digital database for Narungga Aboriginal Progress Association Inc.
• New shower cubicle for Moonta Model Aero Club
• Defibrillator for Uniting Church, Wallaroo
• Mesh netting for Kadina Cricket Club.
Don’t forget, those who have not yet acquitted their previous grants will be ineligible for future grants.
For more information on the 2020/21 Copper Coast Council Community Grants, visit www.coppercoast.sa.gov.au/your-community/grants/community-grants
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1 day ago

It’s been great to see the Wallaroo Breakwater back intact after the damage sustained during the storms!
The project was started and completed within the month of June, with toe and armour rock placed along the damaged boat ramp and car park walls.
People can now easily cast out a line, take in the ocean views and have a greater vantage point for the New Year’s Eve fireworks later this year!
Council thanks Australian Government, who funded majority of the project as part of the Drought Communities Programme – Extension.
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Roger Hewish

Simon Hill

Nature is trying to correct the damage done by the marina. Has anyone seen north beach lately it’s never going to be the same.

Carly Fritsch

1 day ago

Be sure to follow media team Adelady as they venture through the Copper Coast area and enjoy all the great tourist experiences we have to offer!
The Adelady car will be travelling to Moonta, Wallaroo and Kadina 🚗
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You are in the best part of SA for a family holiday or just to chill out like we do at moonta bay caravan park.

Peter Stewart

Alyssa Heald

Love any area on the peninsula. Enjoy and keep up the great work. Love the show. 😊😊

Wow that's nice

Throw the crimp away!!?? Noooooo!!

2 days ago

Councillors Tim Love, Dean Rodda, Brent Walker and Margaret Pope received a tour of the Moonta Town Hall repair and upgrade works.
Copper Coast Council CEO Russell Peate, Director of Infrastructure Services Tim Neumann and John Liedig from Liedig Building Group led the Councillors through the current works on the deteriorated roof trusses.
135 years of existence has taken its toll, with original supports shifting despite being bolted down and numerous holes and cracks within the trusses and other aspects of the building.
Due to the failure of the roof structure and safety being our number one priority, all trusses, hips ends, purlins, ceiling joists and stage framing, among other things, are being replaced.
While new resources are required to restore and make the Town Hall safe for use, rectification work is utilising the existing geometry for the trusses to keep the exterior of the roof looking as it was back in 1885.
This project is partly funded by the Federal Government’s Drought Communities Programme - Extension, Round Two, where Council received $1m in funding for approved projects across the Copper Coast Council area.
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can we also address the pidgeon problem in the main street it so nice to dodge pigeon poo on the footpaths. the tourist love it.

Is the council going to use local trades and local suppliers? Or are they going to use trades and suppliers that have no benefit to the community?

Lucky it’s not in Wallaroo, Council would be demolishing it.......

Carol Burford

A grand Town Hall in such an historic town,needs all the loving care it can get.They must have had some excellent concerts there back in the days when Moonta had the largest population outside of Adelaide in S.A.

Pull it down. Will provide more room for parking and allow cars to keep off the dunes.

Great to hear money well spent they are some big beams where do you get quality wood like that now?

Peter Powell Look at this.

2 days ago

Starting today, those entering South Australia can apply for pre-approval to put their minds at ease before reaching the border.
The online pre-approval form will identify whether the person is an essential traveller, needs to self-quarantine or is able to travel without restrictions—streamlining the process when arriving at the border.
People won’t be turned away at the border if they haven’t completed the form, but may be given a direction to self-quarantine, depending where they have travelled.
For more information and to fill out the form, visit www.police.sa.gov.au/border-form
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Wendy Wilson

Bronwyn Western

Rebecca Toole

Dawn Hempel

Coleen Markovic

Ann Lovett

Abbie Patricia Thomas ✈

And please don’t lie !

3 days ago

‎‍🌾Farm Business Management Program🐄
A new 12-month SA Farm Business Management Program to support farm businesses in drought-affected areas has been created as part of the South Australian Government Drought Support Program.
Starting July 13, 2020, the program will offer online resources, along with one-on-one and group sessions with experts, to help participants strategically review their business and create business plans specific to their needs and situation.
Addressing risk management, improvement opportunities and on-farm implication will ensure a smooth transition from drought into recovery and back to business as usual, or better.
With the State Government subsidising the program by $7,150, the cost to your business to participate will be $825 (GST inc).
Registration form - tiny.cc/a9gkrz
Flyer - tiny.cc/bbhkrz
For more information or to register, call 1300 746 466 or email admin@pinionadvisory.com
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3 days ago

Starting tomorrow, July 1, 2020, launching at the Port Hughes and Wallaroo Boat Ramps will become simpler with the use of the Easypark app (app.easypark.net).
After downloading the app and registering, the process is simple:
• Pinpoint your location on the app or enter the parking area code (Wallaroo - 20905, Port Hughes - 20900)
• Select a day ticket (valid up to midnight on day of purchase)
• Confirm your vehicle registration and payment (now $8 per day)
Once you are done for the day, don’t forget to press stop on the app so we know you are no longer using the Boat Ramp.
The option to purchase annual permits will also be available, with recreational permits at $90.
For assistance, call Council on (08) 8828 1200 or email info@coppercoast.sa.gov.au
Please note: Annual commercial permits ($275) via the app are currently unavailable, but can still be purchased, along with all other permits, by calling Council on 8828 1200 or visiting our Kadina Office.
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Sam Hall

Paul Bendys

Frank Fontanelli

Phil Scardigno Cameron Richards

Great idea

Come on now 8 dollars get real 6 dollars is enough we need to get a petition started no morincreasing boat fee reduced boat ramp fees for local rate payers

Rate payers Say no to increased boat ramp fees

Sandy Krake Amanda Krake

Phil Wharton

Sharon Burns

Not happy about increasing ramp fees. 😡Moving users to an app based payment service also saves Council money. #dontbegready

Ragnor Lodbrok

Brian Smith

Jean Coates

Richard Crosby

Alan Ervin

Andrew Lamshed

CJ Lane


Robert Karen Corey

Fu___ king RIP off we pay for boat ramps in the boat levy on our rego

Jon Davis

Gary Hicks

Copper Coast Council what happens if people forget to turn off the app? Are ramp users only going to get charged for one day or are you going to charge people everyday until they turn the app off? I will NOT use this app as I believe if i forget to turn the app off it is going to keep charging me daily until i realize that i haven't turned it off. This app is a SCAM

pt hughes works. wallaroo doesnt

4 days ago

South Australia Police (SAPOL) Sergeant Michael Newton hosted a Traffic Marshal Training for some of our Council employees at the Copper Coast Visitor Information Centre today.
In line with SAPOL’s motto of Keeping SA Safe, our Council endeavours to keep everyone on the Copper Coast safe, both residents and tourists.
These Council workers have completed their training and are now official Traffic Marshals, allowing them to safely direct traffic in one direction at declared events.
Thank you, Sergeant Michael Newton, the Kadina Police Station and SAPOL for your time and resources.
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Sue Moss traffic constable!

Caleb explains a lot...

4 days ago

As of today, the South Australian Government has initiated Step 3 of their Roadmap for Easing COVID-19 Restrictions.
Businesses and events are now only limited to a density restriction of one person per two square metres, with no limits on the number of people at public and private gatherings.
Further activities and businesses will be able to re-open with a COVID Safe Plan (as per Step 2 and Step 2 Plus). However, activities, events and gathering with more than 1000 people or venues with drinking and dancing both require a COVID Management Plan.
For more information, see below or visit www.covid-19.sa.gov.au/recovery
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Julie Symons

99% of the people who get this virus end up fully recovering without any vaccine. ... Stop the scare mongering and get on with normal life

More people die from the annual flu which has a vaccine than from covid-19 for which there is no vaccine .... Moral of the story being.... YOU DON'T NEED A VACCINE TO SURVIVE COVID-19.

1 week ago

Did anyone else capture the beautiful rainbow that shined across Kadina on Tuesday?
It seems a fitting way to head into the weekend!
From the Copper Coast Council, happy Friday everyone! We hope you have a great weekend! 🌊🚗⛏🐟🥂🏃🍝
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Apex train looking resplendent 🌈 🚂

A fog rainbow on wallaroo-kadina road. Not the same as yours but amazing anyway.

Hayley Renee Boakes did you get pic of this rainbow ??

Shined or shone?


Kadina - Moonta road

I am for a day trip

Wallaroo mines was too big to fit fully on my iPhone

Yes and the fog was amazing


Looks like the gold was being stolen from Rabobank and going in a pot behind Germein Reed Lawyers

Omg it looks amazing


1 week ago

With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the public will be able to attend our Monthly Council Meeting on Wednesday, July 1, 2020.
The meeting will return to the Council Chambers at 51 Taylor Street, Kadina, commencing at 7pm.
However, in line with the restrictions, there will be limited seating available.
If you would like to attend the meeting, please phone the Kadina Office on 8828 1200 and register to attend.
The Agenda and Appendices are now available, and can be found here: tinyurl.com/y8w6gwgz
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1 week ago

Our contractors are calling on the community for help obtaining more bricks and stones for our Cemetery Wall restoration projects.
Copper Coast residents are being asked to look for not just any old brick, but our historic sludge miners bricks (yellow/creamy coloured), which are pictured below.
The contractors are also after more limestone (pictured below) to replace salt damaged stones, these can be found in old limestone barns and houses.
The goal is to use localised materials to maintain the unique look of our state-heritage cemetery and continue its Copper Coast history.
If you have something that you think may be of interest or are planning old stone building demolition work, please call Chris on 0412 238 398.
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There are plenty in the rubble heap being used by the people who are working on the Kadina solar panel field at present. Can Council get any help from them?

Skinners quarry ?

Nick Larwood

That's a great idea.

Lesley Kennedy FYI

Jordan Sandercock donate the old stone shearing shed?

1 week ago

What a great video Yorke Peninsula has produced, giving just a glimpse into the expansive history of the Copper Coast area!

Yorke Peninsula
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1 week ago

North Beach Progress Association has entrusted local Janyne Price with painting a mural at the North Beach Playground and it's certainly catching the eyes of many!
All the paint has been donated and everything on the walls is being suggested by residents (and “sticky-beak” birds flying in! 🐦)—from some of the first prawn trawlers to hit our shores to the Kombi vans onlooking the waters.
Janyne has been volunteering her time for countless days, with the first side of the wall completed.
She is expecting to finish the other side of the wall in the coming weeks (weather permitting!)
Thank you, Janyne, for all your hard work! Be sure to give your horn a toot as you drive past her along Clayton Drive 🚗🔊
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Great work Janyne Price 👍❤👍❤

Great work Janyne Price you talented lady 😘

We see this art work every day when we drive past 🙂👍

Coming along great

Great work

Very talented great work!

Hayley Peter what community at north beach 5556😉

Wow Jayne, looks fantastic xx

It's looking great Janyne, your two biggest fans love coming to check it out 😘

Looks fantastic Janyne Price. Well done

Many hidden talents Jayne! Nice work!

Amazing Janyne. Well done x

Fantastic mural. Another winner for Copper Coast Council.

That’s fantastic!

Great work Janyne Price

One talented lady ⭐️⭐️ looks amazing!

Looks great

Dominica Thomson

Wow Janyne Price what a hidden talent 👍👏

Well done Janyne looks great!

great work!! 👍👍👍👍

Great work Janyne.

You go Jayne it looks fabulous xx

Looks great Janyne!! 😎

Fabulous mural 😍

1 week ago

As of July 1 2020, renewals of your dog and cat registrations will be open via the State Government Dogs and Cats Online (DACO) www.dogsandcatsonline.com.au.
You will need your Renewal Code on your Renewal Notice, which will be sent out during the month of July.
All renewals must be completed by August 31 to avoid late fees and expiations being issued.
You can contact Council either via phone (8828 1200) or in person at our Kadina office if you have difficulties paying online or have any other questions.
Don’t forget— All dogs and cats must be micro-chipped by 12 weeks of age and all dogs and cats born after 1 July 2018 must be desexed by six months of age, or within 28 days if older and has changed ownership.
For further information, please see council’s website www.coppercoast.sa.gov.au
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Mitchell Toole

Julie Symons

Kerry Richardson hopefully we don’t forget this year

1 week ago

As part of the South Australian Living Artists Festival, Copper Coast Council and the Copper Coast Art Group are hosting community exhibitions across July and August.
With the theme of 'once upon a time', painters are being challenged to provide a glimpse into our lives as children, both real and imaginary.
Paintings could range from a nursery rhyme, a fairy tale or a real image from our past.
For further information, visit www.coppercoast.sa.gov.au/noticeboard/latest-news/once-upon-a-time or contact Peter Aitchison on 0457 158 094.
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Michelle Sieben

Wendy Neall

Glen Gearing

Lucy Ella =)

Shanti Smart

Hayley Peter Montana could enter

Caroline Wall

Why just paintings? Any other media accepted?

Glen Gearing Georgia Ivens

Cherry Elizabeth Hall

Karen George

Jazmin Kate

Chris Goddard-Artist

Carlie Rees Smith

Julie Cheshire

Cleo Prettyroom

Kristian Peterson. And Phil... get on it..you're bloody talented

Lynda Wyatt

Cleo Prettyroom

Amanda Allen

Not having seen the entry form yet, is there an age limit? Are school aged children able to enter? 🤞🏻

I tried to collect an entry form from the Moonta Gallery to find there were none to be had!

1 week ago

Only one week left before the end of the 2019-20 financial year, so it’s your last chance to take advantage of your two free 6x4 trailer loads of green waste per year.
Copper Coast ratepayers are entitled to dispose of two 6x4 trailer loads of green waste at the Resource Recovery Centre in Wallaroo each financial year.
Besides the trailer load, all you need to bring along with you is your original rates notice or your driver’s licence.
For more information, visit www.coppercoast.sa.gov.au/services/waste-and-recycling/resource-recovery-centre and look under the heading ‘Free Services’.
Note: Ratepayers will have another two free trailer loads of green waste in the 2020/21 financial year.
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Hayley Peter

Rhyder Atkinson

Tim Loechel

Jasmine Maxwell need to organise couple of days where we can start out the front

Luke Reginald Bowley

Joanne Knight

Madison Millward

Peter Ruis

Karen Margaret

Amber Robinson-Stuckey

Braden Frost

Kynan Thiele

Cindy Blair

Nicola Nick Nelli e the rest of the tree

Peter Frick

Will Papworth

Time’s running out for dad... Maureen 🤣

Rohan Carter

Craig Starick

1 week ago

🏖️ 🚶COMING SOON 🏖️ 🚶
The new access ramp for Johnsons Cove beach is coming along nicely!
Once the final few touches have been completed, the ramp will be open to the public.
It’s been great working closely with Friends of Port Hughes Inc to make the beach more safely accessible for pedestrians.
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Wow amazing. Can't see the progress from the road. Roger Hewish

Let's see council stuff it up

Phil Scardigno....nice one!

Roxanne Clisby

Great job guys

Can't wait to use my it.

Where is Johnson cove ???

Port Hughes anne


Madi Turner

Is that Simms Cove?

Copper Coast continues to kick goals for the community.

Cant wait!!!

It looks fantastic. Another great job 👍

Looking amazing. Helen Berry

1 week ago

Russell Peate has been CEO of Copper Coast Council for more than 16 months now, but who is the man behind the role?
Russell, along with other Council CEO’s across the Yorke Peninsula, speaks with STARCLUB Field Officer Max Stevens about his role, background and passion for sport on the podcast ‘The Thing About Sport’.
To listen to this podcast, and hear others discussions about Yorke Peninsula’s sporting region, visit www.buzzsprout.com/993610
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Make the town a better place.

Fantastic podcast and well worth listening to. Copper Coast is fortunate with the skills we have on Council staff 👍 Well done

Great listening Russell. Very well spoken. Well done Max on highlighting the strengths of our council. Copper Coast Battle Dragons hold you both in high regard 👏👏

Impressive listening. Thanks for sharing and showcasing. Copper Coast is indeed fortunate.

2 weeks ago

Copper Coast Council will be having a closed Informal Gathering session on Wednesday, June 24 to discuss a development proposal for Wallaroo.
The meeting will be held at the Kadina Town Hall Function Room from 6pm and will be closed to the public due to commercial in confidence.
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Wallaroo is on the cusp of becoming a major tourist and holiday destination and it's future development , if done right, will further enhance the region and benefit business people of all kinds.

Why advertise a closed meeting?🤷‍♀️