City of Mitcham


The City of Mitcham is a welcoming and inclusive community that values its heritage and natural environment. Mitcham is a thriving City, known for its avenues of street trees, parks and reserves, unique historical areas and magnificent views from the hills.

We were approached by the City of Mitcham for a website revamp. We had built their website about 10 years earlier so it was a pleasure to be able to revisit their website again.

The result is a clean, modern and responsive design that allows the user to find where they need to go quickly through the easy to use menu structure and quick links at the top of the screen.

City of Mitcham is the first council to use the new and improved Events module which is seen in the carousel under the latest news on the home page.

Special focus was made on their community centre pages which showcases each community centre with their weekly timetable, booking form and centre floor plan.

Built in the Unity Content Management System, with easy to use navigation, quick links, latest news events & social media, their website makes it really easy to find information without having to dig deep into the website.

The City of Mitcham new website is responsive to all screen sizes and platforms. Information within the website has also be optimised to work for all screens.